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I am a wife, mother, daughter, lover and an unapologetic creative. I am also proudly educated with Master, Bachelor and graduate degree certificates from Florida International University; and an Associate degree from Miami-Dade College in Miami, Florida.

I AM most humbled by TIME , valuing its grace and the space it has provided to help me deliver the Ambitious Collective to serve others. My gratitude will be forever extended to those that have shown me their early membership status, supported my own AMBITION and to whom consciously take the Ambitious Collective pledge privately or publicly towards safeguarding its promotion. We are ALL a Tribe.

I live in Pembroke Pines, Florida and I have been blessed with two daughters Blake and Brooklyn. As a result, I constantly work to uphold my responsibility of the Ambitious Collective principles for them and my countless nieces. I am married to Reynold Cevieux my forever love who is my biggest supporter, a great dad and friend.

I am originally from the Island of Grenada in the Windward chain of the West Indies. I carry an unabashed pride for my parents, John and Bulah Alexander’s strife. It is a foundation that me and my siblings Jenny McCook, John Alexander, Jr and half-brother Patrick Alexander share and have grown up honoring. It’s certainly has made US who we are today.

Most importantly, this book was written to start a conversation and title a purposeful MOVEMENT. It is a product of experiences, trials and tribulations which established WHY I felt its development was not only IMPORTANT but NECESSARY. It is my hope that the Ambitious Collective is kept, read or passed on many times to empower people to be better, not wallow too long in their self-pity and most certainly advocate for the rich spaces growth can and will offer you. It has reminded me that WHO I AM is not WHAT I DO but WHAT I GIVE OF WHAT I POSSESS……now may it HELP you DEFINE YOUR SPACES.


Camasha Cevieux, MPA

“All you can take with you is what you can give away.”


The AMBITIOUS COLLECTIVE was birthed in my own VOICE when I struggled to find ONE in a space where I had become the OFFERING. It represented a difficult time in my professional career. Writing it was cathartic to have had something to reference and recite as I pulled myself through. It wasn’t left to chance that this occurred at its’ HEIGHT. Acknowledging FRUIT had come from something unpredictable and nothing I would have ever wanted.

Nonetheless, it’s birthing gave me a PRODUCT of when space and time can be USED to reflect how contributions SHOULD BE when they are empowered.


It was important to me to not lay selfishly in isolation; but be accepting of how my state of mind is incredibly important to seeing my way to results. I needed to TELL MY TRUTH and advocate for its’ continuity. It was equally liberating to note that this time was part of a greater plan; and there was more work to do. It would be purposeful for me to declare that the etiquette to ASCENSION was not WRONG, but something that many people have varied feelings for. Whether GOOD or BAD, it spawns something different within.

As a body of work, the AMBITIOUS COLLECTIVE has gifts that are not only beneficial to professionals as it is to young people looking to find their way. It has been the closest MANUAL I could write in homage to the PROCESS. As it is the place that most people don’t disclose and seldom reveal. It salutes YOU for your desires and returns them to you as PROMISES of your courage to stay your course. The BIRTHING.

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